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Know everything about the website you want to buy

Check all you can, before you buy a website

Sellers sometimes hide inconvenient and fishy facts about the website they sell.
We will reveal it all.

You want to buy the website
Possible revenue boost from other sources(Google Adsense Tag found on other sites)
Possible unnatural boost of traffic(Google Analytics Tag found on other sites)
Blacklisted as not safe(malware and adult content detected)
Social media unnatural activities(unnatural boost of facebook likes)
Frequent changes of the owner(4 owners found within short period of time)
Google Page Rank dropped(from 4 to 2)
(...) etc.
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Aug 2016
You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwads. ~ Steve Jobs

You should think before you buy.

If you do not know the history of the website that you want to buy you can lose not only the money you spent on the purchase, because unsuccessful investment can cost you much more after you purchase it. You may find that your earnings will not be as high as it was from the seller's statements and you will need to invest extra money in maintaining the business. We will help you to avoid being cheated.

We have tens of millions of websites in our database. Each website is analyzed monthly for a number of parameters that are crucial from the buyer's point of view. Our tool is essential to conduct thorough analysis of your website through insights into its many years of history.

Better insight starts here
We build history of website changes by gathering various information from dozens of independent resources. Our goal is to collect only relevant information and present it in a simple and transparent way. Every month we visit 59 714 735 websites and check 12 parameters in 3 different categories. more...
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